Kelly Severs (Editor-in-Chief)

Kelly is in charge of the content on Ender News: she writes the articles, runs the photo gallery, and tries to keep Twitter, Tumblr, and the Facebook page up-to-date. Sometimes she succeeds.

Kelly first read Ender's Game after a member of her theater troupe recommended it to her when she was 14 years old. She immediately bought a copy and read the majority of it on the way home from a marching band performance, squashed against the bus window by mounds of musical instrument cases and a fellow classmate who spent the ride loudly educating the percussion section on how to make Mountain Dew ferment. Despite the distractions, she was immediately hooked and it's been her favorite book ever since with no real competition.

She enjoys musical theater, red wine, and Little House on the Prairie marathons. (Twitter)


Rames El Desouki (Administrator/Programmer)

Rames is responsible for the administrative, technical and publishing side of Ender News. Under the moniker "The Traveller" he's been publishing websites for the past 15 years, hence the title of his company: The Traveller Publishing.

He spends a lot of time fixing code Kelly breaks.

Past projects include The Harry Potter Galleries, once the largest HP fansite on the internet, and Emerald Wizard Radio, a virtual radio station for Indie and Alternative music. Some currently running projects are Trading China, trading and investing resources for U.S.-listed Chinese stocks, HOL Virtual Hogwarts, a Harry Potter themed online school community that is running in its eleventh year, and, of course, Ender News.


Aidan Vitti (Reporter/Photographer)

Aidan helps Kelly with photo editing on Ender News. She also sometimes represents Ender News at events Kelly isn't able to attend. As a costume designer, Aidan also provides Ender News with occasional insight into running a wardrobe department.

Aidan's father gave her Ender's Game when she was young, after she devoured all the science fiction books in his library. He hadn't read it yet, and it took her a few years to get him to finally take the time for it. He may or may not be more excited about the movie than she is.

Other interests include traveling everywhere, motorcycles, and combining those two, as well as comic books, carnivals, hedgehogs and thunderstorms.