Alexander the Great

  Alexander the Great

Ancient Greek leader

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Name:  Alexander the Great
Nationality:  Macedonia (Greece)

Ender did not see Peter as the beautiful ten-year-old boy that grown-ups saw, with dark, thick, tousled hair and a face that could have belonged to Alexander the Great. Ender looked at Peter only to detect anger or boredom, the dangerous moods that almost always led to pain.

Colonel Graff mentions him later when defending his actions to Ender after the shuttle first arrives at Battle School:
"I won't lie now, either," said Graff. "My job isn't to be friends. My job is to produce the best soldiers in the world. In the whole history of the world. We need a Napoleon. An Alexander. Except that Napoleon lost in the end, and Alexander flamed out and died young. We need a Julius Caesar, except that he made himself dictator, and died for it. My job is to produce such a creature, and all the men and women he'll need to help him. Nowhere in that does it say I have to make friends with children."

Later, Peter Wiggin references him when trying to convince his sister, Valentine Wiggin, to use their father's citizen's access to write political commentary on the nets:
"So a twelve-year-old boy and his kid sister are going to save the world?"

"How old was Alexander? I'm not going to do it overnight. I'm just going to start now. If
you'll help me."

Finally, during a conversation between Valentine and her brother Ender when she visits him while he's on leave from Battle School:
"How old is Peter, fourteen? Already planning to take over the world?"

"He thinks he's Alexander the Great. And why shouldn't he be? Why shouldn't you be,

"We can't both be Alexander."

"Two faces of the same coin. And I am the metal in between."