Current Points Opportunities for Battle School Soldiers

1 Point per day -- You will earn up to one point per day just for visiting Battle School. Whenever you are logged in to Ender News and at least 24 hours have passed since you received your last Attendance Point, you will get another Attendance Point added to your name. This is an automatic award and no log entry is generated.

Many, many, many Points -- A large number of points can be earned in the Battle Room where all 20 armies fight each other in weekly battles. Those battles are a group effort, which means that points are assigned to your army and not to individual members. Or in other words... a few excellent fighters will not be able to earn many points for their army if overall participation is low and they are outnumbered in the Battle Room.

5 - 25 Points per week -- Individual challenges are posted weekly or bi-weekly in the Through The Gate Forum. Check this forum regularly for open challenges; some of them are running for just one week, others a good while longer.

Up to 15 Points per recruited soldier -- You can recruit new soldiers for Battle School and get a reward of up to 15 Points for each active soldier you have recruited. There is no limit for how many soldiers you can recruit. Make sure your recruits know your Battle School name, so they can set you as recruiter on their profile. There will be no automatic setting when someone you have recruited joins Battle School.

All soldiers who signed up since June 9, 2012, have an option on their personal profile to set their recruiter. Click on your name on the top right of every Ender News page to open your profile. Once set, the recruiter can not be changed. You need a minimum of 3 Points to both set your recruiter and to recruit new soldiers yourself. Recruiters get rewarded with 5 Points as soon as their recruit has completed a Battle Room fight. An additional 10 Points will be unlocked if their recruit has completed 3 battles, not necessarily three in a row. Those recruiting points will not be awarded automatically, instead you have to claim them on your profile.

5 Points (one time) -- In the Ender News Cover Gallery, you can rate an Ender's Game book cover on a scale from 0 (awful) to 10 (fantastic) if you are logged in to Ender News. You can change your rating at any time. When you rate a cover you will get a confirmation on success, and you can see your rating the next time you visit that page. Battle School students will earn five points when they have rated 50 book covers.

1 - 5 Points (one time) -- Participating in a Poll (coming soon) or completing an Ender News Quiz will earn you a small number of points for your army. Polls and Quizzes are open to all site visitors and there is no competition, i.e. a better score in a quiz won't earn you more points.