Battle Room

Total Soldiers in Battle School:143 Soldiers 
Total Points awarded in Battle #131:1152 - 2288 Points 
Current Points Total for Battle #131:1168 Points 
Battle Points awarded are relative to the total number of active soldiers in Battle School and the number of soldiers active in this week's battle. The maxmium of 2288 Points will be awarded if all 143 soldiers participate in the battle, whereas the minimum of 1152 Points stands for only one active soldier. If less than 12 armies participate in the battle the Battle Points reserved for the empty slots in the final ranking can not be awarded. Students who missed twelve (new!) consecutive Battle Room fights will be dropped from their army when the next battle begins.
LittleDoctorMeSpider Army531 Seconds 
Alex WigginTide Army770 Seconds 
Crazy TomCentipede Army780 Seconds 
Spider Army233 Points 
Tide Army175 Points 
Centipede Army140 Points