Battle Room - Completed Battles
Total Soldiers in Battle School: Soldiers 
Active Soldiers in Battle #171:5 Soldiers 
Total Points awarded in Battle #171:40 Points 
Battle Time:23.08.2015 - 30.08.2015 
Battle Points awarded are relative to the total number of active soldiers in Battle School at the end of Battle #171.
EWDragonGriffin Army248 Seconds 
AshieFlame Army368 Seconds 
Alexa Arkanian-WigginRat Army436 Seconds 
MeggyNManticore Army537 Seconds 
OneLifeDCLion Army551 Seconds 
Griffin Army8 Points 
Flame Army6 Points 
Rat Army4 Points 
Manticore Army4 Points 
Lion Army3 Points