Battle Room - Completed Battles
Total Soldiers in Battle School: Soldiers 
Active Soldiers in Battle #100:5 Soldiers 
Total Points awarded in Battle #100:40 Points 
Battle Time:13.04.2014 - 20.04.2014 
Battle Points awarded are relative to the total number of active soldiers in Battle School at the end of Battle #100.
SpeedyBeattie42Manticore Army262 Seconds 
GillywulfBadger Army313 Seconds 
TaragornPhoenix Army937 Seconds 
fly molo Salamander Army966 Seconds 
Gabriella WigginTide Army1022 Seconds 
Manticore Army8 Points 
Badger Army6 Points 
Phoenix Army4 Points 
Salamander Army4 Points 
Tide Army3 Points